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The history of these Hot Springs goes back to the 8th century, when they were frequented by officials and priests from the Dazaifu.
According to tradition, a leader of a powerful family in this district received a message from the Buddha in a dream which led to the discovery of this spa 1,300 years ago.
For centuries, the Japanese have enjoyed bathing to recover from their daily fatigue, so naturally visiting hot springs has long been a great pleasure.
Since its discovery, Futsukaichi Onsen has become a popular resort, now having over 13 inns in the area.
The Futsukaichi Hot Springs are mentioned in the Manyoshu, the ancient collection of Japanese poetry, and the region abounds in historical ruins and artifacts.
This hot spring located near the former Dazaifu government office is a perfect place to relax in a peaceful historic atomosphere.
This hot spring town has always been well known as a place to rest on the way to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine.
It is also said Otomo-no-Tabito, a famous poet of the Nara Period(710-784), visited this place.
Transportation from Fukuoka City is convenient so there are always a lot of visitors to the hot springs.
A leisurely soak int the hot spring will help you recover from physical and mental fatigue - the Futsukaichi Hot Springs are attributed with a wide range of beneficial effects, such as alleviating muscle pain, arthritis, chronic digestive tract disorders, and hemorrhoids.

Walking five minites from JR Futukaichi station
Take a Nishitetsu bus from Nishitetsu train Futsukaichi Station (Ohmuta Line) and get off at Futsukaichi Onsen bus stop.
Visit is free


Daimaru Besso (51 Buzo Oaza Chikushino, Fukuoka)(Tel 092-924-3939)
Daikanso (141 Tohara Oaza Chikushino, Fukuoka)(Tel 092-922-3236)

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