Java samples

I have written a couple of Java applications for distribution. Please take a copy if you wish.
The source code is short and simple.
These sources are short and easy.
I show images used Mac OS X, but can use at windows, because I write code by pure java.
No AWT Swing, 2D
4 File IO Dialog File IO Dialog
7 Message Dialog Message Dialog
2 Choice & Picture ComboBox & Picture Label
D Image File IO Image File IO
3 RadioButton & TextField RadioButton & TextField
AB - Table display, Edit table display
5 TextField & BarGraph TextField & BarGraph
1 Button & String Button & String Label
8 A lot of Chiken A lot of Chiken
9 Round Images Round Images
C - Menu bar & Table
6 BarGraph & MouseDragg BarGraph & MouseDragg

How to make java application?

Android Application Sample(display analogClock, and change background image by tap background or orientationchange)

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